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Topper Enterprises L.L.C. is owned and operated by a fellow canine handler that has a full service narcotic detection K9. Originally started with products for motor officers and the wheel and wing design we were able to expand and create a product line for professional working dog handlers. In 2009 I was given the opportunity to purchase the 2* (2 ass to risk or 2 asterisk) copyright and decided to take the challenge after I learned that it may be purchased by a civilian company. I felt the need for this symbol to stay in the K9 family and so the story began.

Since the start, the overall costs of most products have been lowered and the product line itself has been expanded. We started producing useful and practical K9 training apparel, K9 duty wear, expanded the 2* decal options and made off duty canine clothes for men, women and children. Quality products are very important to us, as is fair pricing. The feedback so far is that we exceed in both categories. We will continue to expand our product line and any suggestions or ideas that you have are always welcome. you train and work hard in an often thankless position - take a look at the products on this site that let you show your pride in what you do. Thank you for your service and STAY SAFE.

In order to make this site a one-stop shopping experience for you and others in your organization we have partnered with some of the best companies in their respective fields. AceK9 photography are the best of the best and now offer the 2* logo on posters, license plates and pictures. Premier Planning Partners produce some of the nicest law enforcement plaques that I have seen and also offer the symbol on K9 trading cards, K9 memorial plaques and boxes. Center of Mass is one of the best known companies for anything relating to police snipers, police swat and swat eagle products. Show your support and visit all of the great companies on our links page. All of the companies there have excellent products and most are owned by current or former law enforcement or the families of the men and women in our line of work.
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